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The Official Base of both Windrammer and Jack Demoth.


Made from the pixel Blood, Sweat and Tears of Windrammer and Jack, they created their central hub and began to take the land around it, securing 3 homes and a Graveyard that they both upkept.


  • Originally, the two had thought the World and Server that Cliffbay33 was created on was deleted, to Gage's surprise, the server owner informed him that it in fact, was still around.
  • It took 2 months for Gage and Cozby to become Server-Wide celebrities, with Jack being a smoothtalker and Windrammer being silent Muscle.
  • Ever Since Cliffbay was Deleted, the duo has made ample efforts to recreate Cliffbay to her former glory, but to no avail.
  • The Server the base was found on was