Zach Ricky Gmod My Nightmare

Zach Ricky Gmod My Nightmare

Smile guy

"Smile Guy"

The first part of TheNerd Herd's Halloween Livestream 2013.

Video DetailsEdit

The video begins with the iconic first line delivered by Ricky:

"You're all a bunch of faggots, get out of my class."

This video has by far, the worst quality in any video done by the group, as the video was ripped straight from and not from Fraps as the rest are. 

"Smile Guy"  is a face seen in a picture frame as the group walks throughout the map. He has become a reoccuring gag created ever since his appearance, both on and off screen.


  • The livestream was orginally intended to last 24 hours, but only lasted a total of 8, not including the intermissions.
  • The Livestream was originally Zach's idea, as he wanted to start recording as soon as possible to "Get the ball rolling"